Polyester-glass laminates, which are the main specialty of our company, are made of a combination of two materials with different properties - reinforcement laid in the form of layers and a fill that is a binding binder. Elements made of polyester-glass laminates are characterized by durability and high resistance to weather conditions. They are also much lighter and more durable than constructions made of homogeneous materials.


Elements from polyester-glass and epoxy laminates​

We specialize in the production of high quality elements made of polyester-glass and epoxy laminates and. In our offer you will find a wide range of products made to individual order. We make models and forms for our short and long production series on our own, and our offer includes:

  • Equipment for social containers and other social and sanitary rooms
  • shower cabins
  • orner cabins
  • sinks
  • washbasin
  • low-floor shower trays
  • Turkish toilets
  • Covers for car trailers
  • Covers available in various sizes, shapes and colors (it is also possible to cover with glitter)
  • Shells for horse trailers made of polyester-glass laminate
  • Tanks for sprayers
  • Rowing boats
  • Elements for car bodies
  • laminate corners
  • lighting housing
  • window frames and other elements
  • Advertising elements
  • imitation of fries, ice cream, cell phones
  • Enclosures and suction cups for filtering equipment intended for cleaning air from fine dry dust, welding dust and smoke, housing for air conditioning devices, socket housing
  • Chassis of cooling aggregates
  • Buckets for sewage sumps preventing solid impurities from entering the network (available in 2 sizes)​

We guarantee the highest quality, professional service and timely execution of orders.

We invite you to contact by phone or email and cooperation. We serve companies and individuals from home and abroad.

Elements for the telecommunications industry as needed

Canopies for the automotive industry (tractors, specialized vehicles, etc. as needed)


The manufacturer of laminates Paszkowiak invites you!